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sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2022

Semana da Leitura e das Línguas - Speakers’ Corner

The Group of English Teachers decided to plan an activity called "Speakers' Corner" to motivate students to improve their speaking skill and promote interaction between different classes.

This activity was included in "Semana da Leitura" and was developed at the school playground under an olive tree.

Students from the 10th, 11th and 12th  grades should prepare a free topic in order to present it.


There were speakers  from the following classes:


Þ    Maria Beatriz Afonso 10.º 1

Þ     Beatriz Candeias 10.º 4

Þ     Dora Morgado 10.º 4

Þ     Beatriz Ribeiro 10.º 4

Þ     Gonçalo Carreiras 10.º 5

Þ     Deise Ramos 10.º 7

Þ     Bruno Guedes 11.º 1

Þ     Jorge Albino 11.º 1

Þ     Ana Watkins 11.º 2


Þ    Ana Pedroso 11.º 2

Þ    Gonçalo Eloy 11.º 2

Þ     Guilherme Torres 11.º 2

Þ     Madalena Marianito 11.º 2

Þ     Pedro Silva 11.º 2

Þ     João Assis 11.º 3

Þ     Daniel Cardeal 12.º 4

Þ     Mariana Cruz 12.º 4

Þ     Matilde Pereira 12.º 4  


The activity was hosted by João Domingos from 12 1.


After the opening session, a group of four students, André Cunha and João Domingos from 12.º 1 and Daniel Cardeal and David Gomes from 12.º 4, presented a short adaptation of “Hamilton the Musical”.

Then the speakers went up to the “podium” and SPOKE, confidently, audaciously, and openly.

A group of three students, Ana Watkins, Madalena Marianito from 11.º 2 and Daniel Cardeal from 12.º 4 closed the session with a surprising moment – singing a song.

The audience enjoyed it a lot.


Lina Efigénio and Graça Carqueija

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