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terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2022


Moon & I

The moon,
a body imbibed with the most scalding light
Illuminates and guides those without a path
The sea, the stars and the heavy night.

Ana, a poetisa!
Once upon a time, there was a person
with no guidance from the light,
alone in the night
and in the world.

The feeling of being trapped by the world
and not being able to breath
hunt the poor little soul
and thus the wind carelessly whispered
things no one should ever hear.

To this little one, the Moon
was their only and dearest friend

To thy moon who heard the troubles and hardships
this person was thankful
and these small moments were meaningful
as much as they were painful
And without ever judging,
the moon washed those thoughts
like the waves wipe the burning tea ships
but in their head, the cups weren’t even budging.

With time, even the blissful and mythical
strong and timeless
presence of the Moon was washed
from the memory of the unforgiven
who at that time
felt like they were being squashed
like the sea foam formed by its own
grumbling, mumbling, fumbling, tumbling...

By its own essence.

Today, the moon is still there
the memories shared between 2 hearts are still present.
But the unbreakable bound, sought after a miserable child, was exchanged for a change of the tide.

And today, there is no Moon & I.

Only the moon and myself.

Ana Carolina Watkins – 12.º 1


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